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This novel by Alfred Edward Woodley Mason, the celebrated author of The Four Feathers and the Inspector Hanaud series, combines adventure, love and crime in a plot that spans from the heroic heights of Alpine mountaineering to the gloomy underworld of upper-class fraudsters and criminals. Find ..
Author(s): Fatma Nur Yavuz
March 15, 2011, marks the beginning of the Syrian civil war, a conflict that caused the death of thousands of Syrians and a displacement of over half of the population, internally as well as globally. Peaceful protests in the region, inspired by the Arab Spring, were conducted by pro-democracy Syria..
Author(s): Madalin Onu (Ed.)
Special Issue: "The Berlin Wall. Thirty Years After" About: BROLLY welcomes submissions of original papers that make contributions to the research field of social sciences, pursuing the changes that occur in the contemporary world. The journal publishes each issue a selection of ..
Author(s): Corinne M. Belliard
In the 19th century France, philanthropy was primarily thought to be a personal virtue. At first, women were not intended to be part of the philanthropic world but, then, men from privileged classes realized that their wives and daughters, symbols of family happiness and ladylike sweetness, were the..
Author(s): Madalin Onu
In the context of increasingly numerous cultural and political contradictory debates, humanities are facing the difficult responsibility of removing the veil of ambiguity and doubt. However, they cannot fulfil this task without first undertaking a rigorous return upon themselves, their own fundament..
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